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Dream Group at the IASD Conference

Shared Dreams and World Change: Dream Group

The annual conference for the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) is an inspiring, educational, and mind-opening event. From everywhere on earth (and perhaps beyond?) people who are intrigued by dreams come together to share their insights, reasearch, and experiences in a creative gathering filled with oppportunities to enjoy conversations, workshops, presentations,  parties, artworks, and events that can change your life, and maybe change the world!

I’ll be offering one of the wonderful morning dream groups at the conference in Anaheim, California this year. My group will explore the many ways that our dreams connect us and invite us to collective responses. In this group, dream-sharing will open our minds to larger world concerns. We’ll play with universal elements in dreams, and respond creatively and compassionately to “problems” or “enemies” in our dreaming and waking lives. Dreams can help us sustain our integrity and effectiveness to create positive change.

Please consider coming to this exciting gathering, and join me (or one of the other excellent facilitators) for group dreamwork! Click on the picture for more information, and to register for the conference.



  1. This sounds so great! I wish I could be there. Have lots of fun, it is going to be an amazing experience. You have the talent of always noticing that one thing in a dream that just ties the fabric of meaning together 😉

    • Thank you so much, Susanne. I’m sorry you can’t be there for this one. Your dream group with Christian at last summer’s conference was such a great experience—you inspired me!

  2. I’m coming! Yay!

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