snail 01The digital world can be a whirlwind, and I think it’s time to slow things down a bit! For a year now, I’ve been posting articles to the Compass Dreamwork blog at least once a week. Whew! That’s a lot for me to write, while I’m also doing individual and group dreamwork and spiritual direction, teaching programs on dreams, and just trying to have a reasonably peaceful life. And it’s a lot for you to read in the midst of your other activities as well. I definitely want you to keep reading and keep coming back to the website, but, really,  there’s no big rush. Let’s take our time and really pay attention to what we write and read.

So, beginning now, full articles will only appear here twice a month, instead of every week. You’ll see a new post on the first and third Tuesdays of each month… and maybe occasional extras in between.

(If you want to read more, all the posts from the past year are still available here on the website. Just take a look at “categories” or “archives” in the sidebar to the right, and choose what you’d like to read from the drop-down menus. There’s quite a collection!)

Are there other ways to keep in touch with Compass Dreamwork? Absolutely. The newsletter will come out around the second week of each month (contact me to get on the newsletter mailing list, if you’re not already there), and I’ll also be posting quotes and thoughts and information about dreams on the Compass Dreamwork Facebook page.

Please stay tuned, and dream on!