Group Dreamwork refers to gatherings of dreamers to share their dreams, with or without the facilitation of a professional dreamworker. Compass Dreamwork provides professional facilitation for dream-sharing groups, to add depth, structure, and experience to such groups as they are forming, or on an ongoing basis as needed.

dream group 9

There are people from my past, my present, and maybe my future, all listening to each other…


Generally, facilitated dream groups meet weekly, monthly, or twice a month for a set number of sessions (usually six), and then may agree to conclude their work or to continue, either on their own (without professional facilitation) or for a further set number of sessions with the facilitator.

Each meeting lasts about two hours, and includes some introductory dreamwork practice led by the facilitator, opportunities for each dreamer to share at least a glimpse of a recent dream, and then more in-depth work focused on selected dreams, with all group members participating in the exploration. Whenever possible (except in large groups), each group participant will get many opportunities to be the focus dreamer in the course of the series of sessions. However, dreamwork is an inclusive process from which all participants benefit, whether it is “my dream” being shared, or “yours.”

dream group 6

After everyone has gone home, the sun fills our chairs…

Group Dreamwork can be conducted via video conferencing, as well as in person: in a formal venue such as a  classroom, or in more casual contexts such as the homes of participants. A typical dream group includes between six and eight participants (not counting the facilitator), though larger or smaller groups are possible.


The cost of Group Dreamwork varies depending upon the venue and formation of the group. If Compass Dreamwork organizes the group and provides the venue, then the usual cost is about $120 per participant, for a series of six two-hour sessions. There may also be drop-in groups available, where participants pay about $25 per person for each session attended.

An individual or organization may arrange for a group (providing the members and the venue), and will then pay a set group fee that can amount to a somewhat lower per person rate if enough participants are involved (seven or more), and depending on the convenience of the venue for the facilitator. Once the cost has been agreed upon, full payment is due by the end of the first session of the series.

Scholarships may be available to individuals or non-profit organizations, so if you can afford to pay more for a group or make a donation you will be helping to make it possible for us to work with others who can’t afford the full price. We follow the Quaker model of fair business practices, offering high-quality, reputable services, and communicating costs directly, without advertising gimmicks or concealed fees.

Kerry Backstrom is a certified dreamworker and experienced facilitator who has led dream groups in a variety of contexts. They are also trained and experienced as an interfaith spiritual director and pastoral counselor, and their work is informed by the Internal Family Systems model of psychotherapy. Their approach to dreamwork is flexible, so each group is adapted to the needs, temperaments, intersts, and comfort-levels of the participants, drawing from a wide range of dreamwork traditions and practices as appropriate.