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Check out what others who work with dreams have to say about dreamwork (this is just the beginning… There are many more of us out there!)

Different angles and different colors...

Different angles, different colors, different textures of the imagination…

Jeremy Taylor: one of the foremost modern dreamworkers; founder of the Marin Institute for Projective Dream Work. Books include The Wisdom of your Dreams, and The Living Labyrinth. His books are a wonderful resource, and give a sense of his remarkable presence. We will miss him. Rest In Peace, dear Jeremy!

Robert Moss: a prominent, creative dreamworker; works with shamanic approaches to dreams. Books include Conscious Dreaming and Active Dreaming.

Natural Dreamwork: An approach to dreams that is wise, gentle, and well worth exploring. Practitioners include Mary Jo Heyen, Kat Samworth, and Roger Kemenetz.

Metka Cuk: A gifted dream worker and artist, offering “dream consultations” and a delightful blog Dream Owls which includes dream art, and interviews with other dream workers.

Delia Puiatti: Artist, fashion designer, dreamworker, and community builder.

Scott Sparrow: Co-Creative Dreamwork and the DreamStar Institute.

Robert Waggoner: In-depth exploration of lucid dreaming. Check out Lucid Dreaming Experience Magazine, and Robert’s excellent books, including: Lucid Dreaming: Plain and Simple, and Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self

Tzivia Gover: Along with Justina Lasley, Tzivia is part of the “dream team” for the Institute for Dream Studies which offers Dream Certification. Tzivia is also the founder of 350 Dreamers a global network of dreamers dreaming together for global healing. She is the author of The Mindful Way to a Good Night’s Sleep, and Joy in Every Moment. 

Justian Lasley: Is the Founder of the Institute for Dream Studies, and author of Wake up to Your Dreams.

Travis Wernet: works with sound, music, and dreams. Also take a look at his blog.

Tallulah Lyons and Wendy Pannier: work with “The Healing Power of Dreams.” Tallulah wrote Dreams and Guided Imagery.

Zoe Newman: a psychotherapist who uses The Work of Byron Katie, and works with dreams. Zoe wrote Lucid Waking: Using Dreamwork Principles to Transform Your Everyday Life.

Tina Tau: a creative writer, playful soul, and wise dreamworker who also uses The Work of Byron Katie.

Rachel Norment: a dreamworker, artist (watercolorist), and teacher. Rachel wrote Dream Explorations and Guided By Dreams.

Billie Ortiz: Founder of the “Waking the Dreamer Within Festival,” and has some very good podcasts on dreams.

Gretchen Meyer: spiritual director and dreamworker.

The Dream Institute of Northern California:  Founded by Richard Russo and Meredith Sabini, who explore “Culture Dreaming.”

Stephen Aizenstat: Dream Tending and The Global Dream Initiative. Stephen wrote Dream Tending.

Kelly Bulkeley: research on dreams. Many terrific dream classics including: Dreaming Beyond Death, and Children’s Dreams.

Robert Hoss: Director of the DreamScience foundation. Bob wrote Dream Language.

Patricia Garfield: An inspiration to dreamers and dreamworkers. Her many books include Creative Dreaming.

For more dream resources…

The Dream Medicine page, on the website of All Things Healing: great articles from some excellent dreamworkers.