Compass Dreamwork Mission Statement

river 2

Sky, water and trees all come together to include us as we float slowly downriver…

Compass Dreamwork is dedicated to encouraging and supporting people as they expand the range of their imaginations (and thus their options) through dreaming and reflecting upon their dreams.

Given that dreams are potentially meaningful experiences which provide new points of view and new ways of responding in diverse contexts, we can assume that dreaming contributes to the unique life’s work of the dreamer by offering valuable opportunities for spiritual practice. We are committed to cultivating this form of spiritual practice, and to seeking and promoting its application in waking life: through education (classes, workshops, presentations), individual and group dreamwork, and networking.

Compass Dreamwork is also committed to helping people develop a “big picture” perspective on the ecology of dreamwork, following the tradition of the many indigenous cultures that consider dreams meaningful not only for the individual, but for the larger community and the earth itself.

iasd-special-logo2016Kerry Backstrom, Holly Jarvis, and any other individuals who may work within the Compass Dreamwork organization, subscribe to the ethical standards and policies established by the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD).