Open-minded DreamingOur dreams can be a source of insight and a call to action. As we learn to engage with our dreams, we learn skills that can benefit not only ourselves but also our communities and our world. This workshop/seminar/retreat will introduce various approaches to dreams designed to open up possibilities, offer healing, and inspire creative change.

Open-Minded Dreaming is an excellent way to begin exploring your own dreams. Ideally, participants in this workshop, seminar, or retreat will be able to follow up with a dream-sharing group,   individual dreamwork, or more specialized seminars and workshops.

This introductory event can be experienced in several different formats:

  • Open-Minded Dreaming Seminar (one, two, or three hours): Presentation and discussion, including creative approaches to the study of dreams and the practice of dreamwork, imagination exercises, dream examples, and a question-and-answer period. The one-hour seminar is mostly lecture, with only a brief question-and-answer period. Two or three-hour seminars allow more time for discussion, and the development of ideas.
  • Open-Minded Dreaming Workshop (approximately three hours): Presentation of some creative approaches to dreams, and basic background for the practice of dreamwork, followed by facilitated group dreamwork. One or two participants will present their dreams, and the whole group will practice working with those dreams.waves on rocks 01
  • Open-Minded Dreaming Retreat (one day, or a weekend): A one day (approximately six hours) retreat includes all of the elements of both a seminar and a workshop. A weekend retreat also includes individual dreamwork opportunities, practice in small groups and dyads, more approaches to dreamwork in the large group, and more in-depth presentations of specific areas of interest, depending upon the context and participants.