Holly 01Holly Jarvis has joined Compass Dreamwork to provide business and administrative support in addition to contributing to workshops, retreats, and dream groups. After over 35 years in the natural grocery industry with food cooperatives, Holly has shifted her focus to the study of energy medicine and shamanic healing practices. It brings her joy to use her business skills to advance the reach of Compass Dreamwork, and help bring Kerry’s gifts in spiritual direction and dreamwork to a much broader community. After having been immersed in the community of cooperatives, she relishes the opportunity to create community around the deepening of our spiritual experiences, understanding of our dreams, and energetic healing.

Holly’s work will initially focus on communications, online and social media development, organizing workshops and presentations, administrative support, and making Kerry’s lunches. As she develops her knowledge and skills in shamanic and energy practices, they will be woven into the offerings of Compass Dreamwork as well.

Since the career change from business and grocery cooperatives to work with Compass Dreamwork and shamanic and energy practices, Holly no longer has this recurring dream:

Conference buffet: I am at a conference buffet luncheon. I walk down the buffet line to see what choices are available and what I would like to eat. When I get back to the beginning of the line, I find that the foods I want are gone and the servers are taking down the buffet. Now there is nothing for me to eat.

Instead, she has been having dreams like this:

The Ice Angels: I am looking outside through the front door to see the wind whipping the branches of the huge conifer into motion. It seems to be raining and snowing at the same time. There are huge ice crystals in the air. Now I see that the ice is shaped like angels and giant snowflakes! They are glistening in the rain and against the dark backdrop of the stormy sky. They are dancing around in the air, in motion.

I am amazed and filled with wonder and excitement. Thrilled. Then I see that they are actually glass, suspended from a giant mobile that somehow has been hung from the tall fir tree and hangs out into the middle of the yard! It is a gift from Kirsten. I am so impressed that she has given me such a gift, knowing how much it would please me. And the effort it must have taken to find it and arrange for it to be installed.

Holly and Kerry are life partners and are excited and inspired to now be combining their skills and passions as business partners.