Dreamwork: Dreamwork generally refers to the practice of reflecting upon a remembered dream: in a group, with a friend or professional dreamworker, or on one’s own. Dreamwork can also go beyond this definition, and so may be more broadly understood as any process of bringing awareness to the experience of dreaming. Sometimes, as in lucid dreams (where the dreamer/ dream-self is aware that he or she is dreaming), some dreamwork can occur during the dream itself. Rather than “interpreting’ the dream, dreamwork unfolds the experience of the dream, so that the dreamer and others can respond to and relate to the dream in a variety of ways. Dreamwork usually involves writing or telling the dream, but can include other approaches such as creating artwork, acting out the dream, imagining other versions of the dream, taking actions based on the dream, and more. [Note: the term dreamwork has also been used, by Freud and others, to describe the dream’s functional activity within the psyche, although this is not a common current usage.]

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