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Check out what others who work with dreams have to say about dreamwork

Different angles and different colors...

Different angles, different colors, different textures of the imagination…

Jeremy Taylor: one of the foremost modern dreamworkers; founder of the Marin Institute for Projective Dream Work. Books include The Wisdom of your Dreams, and The Living Labyrinth.

Robert Moss: a prominent, creative dreamworker; works with shamanic approaches to dreams. Books include Conscious Dreaming and Active Dreaming.

Travis Wernet: works with sound, music, and dreams. Also take a look at his blog.

Tallulah Lyons and Wendy Pannier: work with “The Healing Power of Dreams.” Tallulah wrote Dreams and Guided Imagery.

Zoe Newman: a psychotherapist who uses The Work of Byron Katie, and works with dreams. Zoe wrote Lucid Waking: Using Dreamwork Principles to Transform Your Everyday Life.

Tina Tau: a creative writer, playful soul, and wise dreamworker who also uses The Work of Byron Katie.

Rachel Norment: a dreamworker, artist (watercolorist), and teacher. Rachel wrote Dream Explorations and Guided By Dreams.

Billie Ortiz: Founder of the “Waking the Dreamer Within Festival,” and has some very good podcasts on dreams.

Gretchen Meyer: spiritual director and dreamworker.

The Dream Institute of Northern California:  Founded by Richard Russo and Meredith Sabini, who explore “Culture Dreaming.”

Stephen Aizenstat: Dream Tending and The Global Dream Initiative. Stephen wrote Dream Tending.

Kelly Bulkeley: research on dreams. Books include Dreaming Beyond Death, and Children’s Dreams.

Robert Hoss: Director of the DreamScience foundation. Bob wrote Dream Language.

Patricia Garfield: An inspiration to dreamers and dreamworkers. Books include Creative Dreaming.


For more dream resources…

The Dream Medicine page, on the website of All Things Healing: great articles from some excellent dreamworkers.