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A Dream of Surrender and Hope: DreamTime Article

Click on the photo to read the article, and enter the woods…

For the Spring 2017 issue of DreamTime Magazine (a wonderful publication of the International Association for the Study of Dreams), I wrote a short article that really expresses the depths of my heart in these troubled times. My own dreams often invite surrender and offer hope—and I believe that such dreams can change our lives and our world in essential ways.

Please take a few minutes to read the article (by clicking on the photo)… And let’s talk about dreaming our way forward. How do your  dreams guide you? How might you choose to surrender old ways to follow a different path? And where do you find courage and hope?


  1. Mindfunda

    “The dream came to define myself differently”. It takes courage to listen, and wisdom to recognise which path to take. Sometimes you carefully “unpack” a dream pealing down layer after layer, getting down to the dark core of its meaning while the light in your soul shines brighter with every layer you have come to understand. That “aha” a dream can bring is addictive to me. And I have experienced how your way of analysing really dives in the deepest layers, at the Iasd conferences that I have seen, watched and listened to you.


    • kirstenbackstrom

      I’m grateful for your perceptions and abundant insights, Susanne—and clearly your process of peeling away layer after layer has led you to some authentic depths of wisdom. Thank you for the encouraging words, and for your own work with Mindfunda!

  2. Tina

    Great article, Kirsten. So apropos for all of us–an ending of one way of being, a surrender to connection and humility, and a new way of being gestating in us–that has a feminine energy.
    Thanks for sharing your big dream.

    • kirstenbackstrom

      Thank you, Tina! And blessings on your own “new way of being”… Your presence in the world is a gift to all of us.

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