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Quality Over Quantity: Slowing Down the Blog Again

snail-at-dawnWe all have limited time and energy for reading (and everything else!) these days—so, when a new blog post shows up in email or on Facebook, we have to decide, usually in the midst of a busy moment, whether or not to click that link and invest our precious time in something that someone else has written.

The Compass Dreamwork blog has been coming out at least twice a month for four years now, and because I’m writing about complex ideas and putting my heart and soul into finding creative ways to express those ideas… Well, those articles have been getting deeper and longer, and, I hope richer, all the time. Personally, I think they are well worth reading—but a longer article can be a bit daunting to read, and even more daunting to write!

When you see one of my blogs, I hope you will slow down, take your time, and keep reading—because reading a good, longish article about something meaningful is really and truly worthwhile.  But perhaps it’s more reasonable of me to ask this of you if I only ask it once a month.

I also want to remember, in the midst of my own busy life, to take my time with the writing—to slow myself down and give myself room to write something you will want to read.

So, let’s start each day like the snail in this picture—breathing the morning air, enjoying the open spaces, remembering our dreams… And, once a month (on 3rd Tuesdays), perhaps you will visit Compass Dreamwork and me for a nice, slow ten-minutes-or-so of reading—gazing and grazing like snails in the good green fields of words.




    sound & sage wisdom! Thanx Kirsten, love reading your blogs.

    • kirstenbackstrom

      Perhaps this slowing down is for taking a “soft paws/pause”…? It’s delightful to delvie into dream wisdom with you, Cynthia. And I appreciate your reading my blogs—many thanks!

  2. Kiera O'Hara

    Thanks for your lovely and wise message, Kirsten. I have gained a great deal from reading your blogs, and have sent them to friends/family. I can only imagine how much time and heart has gone into writing them. Once a month sounds great, and I will be looking forward to 3rd Tuesdays.

    • kirstenbackstrom

      Thank you, Kiera. This is so sweet of you.

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